Changemaker Wall

A Changemaker is someone who wants to make change in the world. A Changemaker Statement describes who you are: your strengths, interests, goals, and selected Environmental Challenges. Visit Know Yourself, to write and publish your Changemaker Statement.


Harbor HIgh

I am a responsible and insightful student. My main focus at the moment, is school in hopes to one day become a Neonatologist. I am dedicated to school, but at the same time, I like to have fun with my friends. If I can, I enjoy helping others, that being with school or personal problems.

Alejandro I.


I am a creative person and like to help lead everyone to success. I have a skill in my strength and appreciate details in designs, usually in video games i am most skilled and love talking to people and socializing to keep myself active and i'll always be happy with who or what I'm working with. People have told me I am very respectful and a team player. I do anything I can to help out someone who needs it.

Wally K.

University of Washington

I would like to use the power of GIS to understand and address environmental and developmental problems within my community and the world at large. GIS can further be used to know the location of assets and to understand the risks that are associated with these assets. GIS, can also be leveraged to make the work of organizations more efficient. I believe that efficient and green organizations would lead to a more prosperous and resilient world.

Jenriel S.

Work2future Foundation

I am a very creative person who likes to create my own original ideas.
I like to work with ideas and create a visual that makes it stand out from other examples. I am also a quick learner which makes me very versatile. What makes me versatile is that I am interested a lot of things like Science, History, Automotive, Sports, Ethnic Studies and many more subjects. I'm also a good listener and an open-minded person. I like to hear other people's opinions on certain things because I like to widen my broad of thinking on different topics. I also like to be competitive especially on sports like basketball.

Justin D.


I am an independent artist who's creative, intuitive, emotional, and innovative. I am able to draw, sketch, write song lyrics and beats, act and perform, and play musical instruments; my hobbies include designing fashion, writing stories and poetry, sewing, and dancing. I like to work on crafts, read fiction, express myself through creative new ways, take photos, and design people and styles on paper.


Harbor High

As an unconventional thinker and innovative individual, I hope to introduce my thoughts and ideas to the world. In expressing my ideas in creative and unique ways, I will face skepticism and hesitant audiences; however, I hope to capture the hearts and boggle the minds of as many of my viewers as possible, and bring both old and new philosophies to the attention of the world. I hope to accomplish this through stories of all sorts, presented in writing, film, and theatre with something for any and all audiences to learn from.

Andrew John Pelechaty

I have been working in mapping (as a researcher) for the past five years. I enjoyed it and want to pursue a career in GIS or with maps in general.
I am a diligent worker who will work at a task (once given clear instructions) until it is finished.
Through my previous job I learnt the satisfaction of completing a task for its own sake and not for monetary rewards/prospect of promotion etc.
I am thorough and like to take my time. While my work may take a little longer, I will be methodical and try to do it to the best of my ability.

Saul A Estrada

Presidio Graduate School

I am a mission driven teammate who is passionate about building structures & organizations. I thrive in situations that others find intimidating and am unafraid to challenge the seemingly impossible. Through perseverance and mindfulness, I can persuade and connect with others in ways many can't. Above all, I'm passionate about people and strive to bring out the best in all those around me.

Adora T.

William J Pete Knight High School

I am a Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps cadet who is driven to achieve total mastery of the military lifestyle as well as my chosen major. As a Flight Sergeant in the AFJROTC program, I can encourage the respect, integrity, and excellence in those around me to surface. I particularly enjoy being an authoritative figure as well as having an authoritative figure to give me the incentive to execute the utmost excellence in my life.

Mark B.

Pete Knight High School

I'm interested in the engineering field (Mainly Mechanical and Electric) because it's seems to fit me way. There's a lot of material to understand, but I believe that I can take on that challenge, since I seem to understand the material and catch it on quickly. I enjoy playing sports, such as soccer and track, but I also like drawing, and playing music.


Merlo Institute

I am Responsible, Self-confident, Assertive, Persuasive, Reserved, Friendly, Understanding, and Helpful. I can Sell things or promote ideas. I like to Start my own service or business, and Work with young people. My hobbies are Selling products, Operating a home business, Helping others with personal concerns and Caring for children.


Pete Knight High School

I am a curious electronic engineer, like to work by myself and love to make and participate in innovative challenges!

Leticia G.

Merlo Institute

I am very adventurous, persuasive, and ambitious. I can convince people to do things my way, sell things, and persuade others. I like to meet important people , have power , and make decisions affecting others. My hobbies are selling products, watching the stock market, and operating a home business.

Zach Pine

Zach Pine Nature Sculpture

I'm outgoing, creative, fun-loving, curious, science-loving, and well-organized. In my job as a socially engaged environmental artist I like to work with other artists, environmentalists, scientists, educators, and parents. I strive to create models and methods for collective creativity; to connect people of all ages with each other and with the natural world; and to inspire joy, spontaneity, and environmental action.

Joseph Makes Maps


My goal is to empower educators, students, decision makers, and the general public to think spatially and use geotechnologies in teaching, learning, and research to solve 21st Century problems from local to global scale. These problems include natural hazards, food security, city planning, sustainable agriculture and tourism, water quality and quantity, soil erosion, energy, political instability, crime, human health, and others that grow in complexity and increasingly affect our everyday lives. My hobbies and interests involve getting out into the field to collect data about the environment, computer mapping, Geographic Information Systems, GPS, remote sensing, analyzing data, teaching, hiking, and caving.

Emily B.

San Jose State University

I am friendly, patient, insightful, and helpful. I can express ,myself clearly and mediate disputes. I like to help people with problems and serve others. My hobbies include helping others with personal concerns, writing letters, and caring for children.



My name is Stephen, I am a creative and original person, I like to come up with some new ideas and surprise other people, I am also fond of playing basketball and listening to the music that helps me to be relaxed. I am willing to manage other people but I can not do it very well now, I want to learn more skills about management in the future, calculation is another specialty of me, I am an attentive person, I want to reduce mistakes in my life as much as possible and to become a person closed to perfect.

Anny Y.

Nanchang No.2 Middle School

I’m a grade 10 student named Anny who is imaginative, curious, social, insightful and analytical. I like reading, meeting new friends and exploring a variety of ideas. I enjoy traveling, photography, singing, designing, painting, dancing and playing musical instruments. I prefer thinking abstractly, keeping accurate records, organizing activities and working with others. I’m interested in art, finance, cooking, management, psychology, math, physics and computer. I intend to do some jobs which are related to some of them.

Yvette J.

San Jose State University

I am broad-minded, empathic, and introspective. I like to perform biological lab experiments, help people with their problems, and gain a broader view of the world by traveling. I also like expressing myself though singing and journaling, in which I can gain a better perspective on life. I can work independently, but I also enjoy cooperating with others and get along well with my peers. I'm driven to make a positive impact in others' lives and to enter the medical field where I could apply my lab skills and empathy to help people with their health.

Clare Z.

Nanchang No,2 Highschool

My name is Clare. I'm a logical, sensitive and optimistic grade 10 student who enjoys writing stories and poetry the most. My favourite subject at school is English, because I can learn to write articles and read good books in the class. I'm also very interested in art. And I really enjoy attending concerts or art exhibits, for they always bring me things to think. I'm a curious person in life. Sometimes I like reading things about theories in math or science, because it widens my eye sight and forces me to practice my brain.