Changemaker Wall

A Changemaker is someone who wants to make change in the world. A Changemaker Statement describes who you are: your strengths, interests, goals, and selected Environmental Challenges. Visit Know Yourself, to write and publish your Changemaker Statement.


Salem MS

I am inquisitive, systematic, and scientific. I can think abstractly, solve math, understand scientific theories. I like to use computers in depth, work independently, and read journals. My favorite hobbie is going on Social Media.

Henry Johnathan Hernandez

Venture Academy

I am a social and practical person who can do anything between leading groups to planting a garden.I like helping people reach decisions concerning their problems. My hobbies are leading groups in activities and woodworking.

Lilliane R.


I am well organized, efficient and systematic. I can do a lot of paperwork in a short amount of time and keep accurate records. I like following clearly defined procedures and making projects run smoothly and efficiently.


john muir charter school

I am athletic, concrete, straight forward, a nature lover, and practical. I like to play sports and operate tools and machinery. I like to use my hands, build things, be physically equipment, and tend/train animals.

Thomas S.

john muir

Hello. I'm Thomas Scoggins. I'm intuitive. I like to express myself creatively, as well as write music, stories, or travel when possible. As simple as it sounds. I'm simply complex.

alex s.

john muir sac sat

I am observant, and I think abstractly. I am precise, and I like to use scientific tools. I am broad-minded and I like to explore a variety of ideas. I also like to go to the movies, and at the same time, understand scientific theories.

maricela v.

john muir charter school

I am athletic who loves to play sports and be physically active. I am a nature lover that loves to be outdoors to work on gardens of my own or even at work. I am a very straight forward person i will always tell it like it is. I love to operate tools and heavy machinery especially chainsaws and other power tools at my job.

Mary K. Lespier

Richmond YouthWORKS

I am well-organized, and efficient. I can do a lot of paperwork in a short time and keep accurate records. I like to use computers and organize things. My hobbies are Spider Solitaire and reading

christian o.

Albert Einstein

I am creative, analytical, and friendly. I can sketch, interpret formulas, and teach others. I like performing in plays, being challenged, and working in groups. I like to play the French Horn, conducting experiments, and playing chess. My dream career would be teaching young students in elementary school.


river city high school

I have a lot of ideas for my future that I feel won't only help me but also my community. I have a lot to bring to the table including my ideas. I love to help people and those that i love as well. Maybe i won't be able to do everything i want to in the future but I know I am going to try my best. I want to major in computer science and business so after I have my stable job I can open up my own business and my mom's dream business as well. I am really good with math and computers, so I feel like I am prepared for this field and i am willing and enthusiastic to learn more about this area.


Highlands High School

I am an ambitious, insightful and expressive student. I can initiate projects, organize activities and lead a group all for the initial goal which is progress towards success. I like to volunteer for the enjoyment of involvement in my community, express my ideas/plans and to eventually start my own successful business. My hobbies are beginning/leading organizations, volunteering, writing and photography. As I would say, every dream has the potential to become reality with the eagerness of the one whom holds the wishes.



The kind of person I am is creative and imaginative, original, Innovative, Independent, Unconventional. I can draw, and I love to think out side of the box. I like to express my creative side by taking a room and creating a new and fun space to spend time. I like to design things by using my imaginative and original side by making people satisfied on what they want. I am a good listener so it won't be a problem to make them satisfied. My hobbies are drawing and playing soccer. My favorite subject in school is art, english and sometimes math.

Tyler L.

Vintage High School

I am a original outgoing dedicated leader. I communicate with others very well and lead the path for others. I promote innovative, positive ideas as well. I love to express my self and help young people with social problems. I love skateboarding and being out doors. I am super friendly and open minded too. I want to give back to my community and stay true to my roots. I am a change maker.



I am a social person who enjoys the conversation of the world, learning something more from each of them. I can communicate with others well and I am a scholar when it comes to Math or English. On my free time I enjoy cheering , and has been doing so for a few years, how ever this isn't what I want in my future. In the next 20 years I hope to be sitting in a court room defending my client as an attorney or sitting behind a desk as a social worker.

darnesha m.

berkeley adult school

I am a empathetic,fun, and an outspoken person. I can communicate well with others and lead others to do the right thing. I like to help others with their problems and to inspire others that they can do whatever they want if they put their mind to it. My favorite hobbies are running track,writing poetry,and reading. my favorite subjects is history .

Elizabeth C.

REALM Charter High School

I am original. I crave creativity and the well being of others generally. I can automatically analyze the meaning of a person's tone when speaking or their body language. analyze most of the musculoskeletal system. I know few mental diseases and their symptoms. I can also analyze most of the musculoskeletal system such as having the knowledge of the locations of both bones and muscles. Studying about medicine such as their ingredients and side effects is fun. I enjoy learning about foreign cultures and their traditions. Listening to others as they speak to learn from different perspectives (aside from being simply respectful). The favorite subjects I've previewed are psychology, pharmacology, kinesiology. A subject I enjoyed learning about was Greek Mythology. Many things are the Greek culture just are pleasant to me. I look forward traveling to Greece and study medicine or anything in the medical field. Hobbies I enjoy are traditional dances from all around the world. Overall, I am a bit too much into academics, but still am active and get cultural. I accept myself because I am doing things of my pleasure.

Parsa A.

Rising Sun Energy Center

I am Broad minded, Logical, Self Confident, Friendly, Optimistic, Extroverted, and Agreeable. I can Interpret, lead a group, convince people to do things your way, and teach others. I like to to be challenged, make decisions effecting others, have power or status, and help people with problems. My favorite hobbies include Astronomy, making new friends, attending sporting events, going to parties and helping people with personal concerns.

Soria, M.


i am the type of person that thinks optimistically,i am creative, i can draw really well, and i also write inspirational music.i am also very adventurous i like learning and seeing new things.i am well organized,and am good at giving speeches of any kind. i can handle what life brings to me.i like to make decisions the correct way even if it takes long it still will be done the right way.with my optimism and my focus i know i can accomplish anything,and i'm willing to do.

Rodriguez, I.


I am an analytical, charismatic, and ambitious individual. From all of the skills I have acquired over the years, I am most prideful of my ability to write efficiently, work well with others, and being able to complete tasks. I like to take my time to read about global conflicts and try to do something about them. I love playing sports with my friends and meet new people. Finally, I like to write my thoughts out on paper or on the computer; It lets me express myself and helps me relax. My favorite subjects in school are biology, marine biology, psychology, and chemistry. I love learning about science and enjoy challenging myself with complex scientific scenarios. I am interested in a career in sustainability and biological technology. I know that my passion in life is to conserve nature and improve the quality of life in our planet.

Deas, M.


I am creative, independent, and expressive. Growing up in my house, I had a strong role in becoming independent and expressive. I can sketch, draw, and paint all fairly well. These have been my hobbies for the longest time, since i was four. Since then I have learned to love plenty new hobbies. I also like attending concerts with good music and friends. I like working on little crafts and taking photos with my good friends.