The Green 360 Career Catalyst enhances 8th-12th grade education programs and young adult training programs in career preparation and environmental sustainability. It provides digital tools, information, and resources for students to make informed career decisions and create pathways toward green careers.

Our Mission

The Green 360 Career Catalyst was created to inspire, educate, and empower students to become contributing members of the green energy workforce. It is our hope that students become informed and prepared to pursue education and career opportunities that contribute to a sustainable future for themselves and for the planet.

Introducing the Career Catalyst Video

Here are some student testimonials:

“Green 360 did something that a lot of programs don’t do today, they made it personal. They took something like environmental sustainability, a concept that is easy to feel removed from, and put it in the context of our lives.”

“Green 360 course not only helped me target a career that would incorporate my interest, but also taught me to establish connections to learn more about career paths.”

“After completing Green 360, the most important thing I learned was more about myself and having a clearer vision on what I want and plan to do in the future. Green360 opened my eyes and provided me with information in order to be prepared for the real world and make sure to succeed in what I love to do. This truly gave me experience and knowledge and I am grateful to go through this.”

Contact Us

For questions about the Green 360 Career Catalyst, please email green360support “at” wested.org. We will endeavor to respond promptly.