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We believe that the Career Catalyst is a powerful resource for students to use on their own, however, having an adult to guide and facilitate the experience with reflective and collaborative activities can empower learners to go further with their career exploration process.

The lesson plans below offer enrichment and group activities as well as strategies for curriculum integration.

Introductory Resources

Educator Guide

How to approach the Career Catalyst and use the lesson plans


Getting Started with the Career Catalyst

Foundation for career awareness, exploration, and planning


Know Yourself Lesson Plans

Standalone Lessons

Increase engagement AS STUDENTS DO each Know Yourself activity

Interest Profiler/Interest Results
Connect to Your World
Career Profiles
Changemaker Statement

Enrichment Activities

Use AFTER STUDENTS COMPLETE all Know Yourself activities

Diving Deeper Enrichment Activities

Connect with Others Lesson Plans

Standalone Lessons

Guide students as they engage in each Connect with Others activity

Career Talk
Build Your Network
Informational Interview

The Career Catalyst has been used in classrooms and community-based organizations for students aged 14 to 24 since 2013.

"By incorporating Green 360 in our Green Cadre Work Readiness course we give our students the tools and processes to better understand the environmental challenges society faces, build a network of experts, mentors, and collaborators, and investigate how they might discover and pursue a career that can make a difference in a way that is meaningful and rewarding to them."
— Teacher

"I work with educators all over the country and I have never heard of a program as innovative and unique as Green 360."
— President, CEO, Green Schools National Network

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