Changemaker Wall

A Changemaker is someone who wants to make change in the world. A Changemaker Statement describes who you are: your strengths, interests, goals, and selected Environmental Challenges. Visit Know Yourself, to write and publish your Changemaker Statement.

Noah S.

Achieve Charter

I like to use my time in a good manor and work efficiently. I like to use my free time to play games with my friends or work on computer projects or other things like watch facts on items for gaming! I also prioritize math and science for the job I want in the future. I want to become a computer software developer.

Nathan T.


I am Observant,Logical,Polite,Efficient,Persuasive,and Independent. I can Understand scientific theories, Use scientific tools, Convince people to do things my way, and use a computer efficiently. I like Explore a variety of ideas, be responsible,and to read scientific or technological journals. My favorite hobbies are Gaming, science, cross country, puzzles, and collecting. I want to join a collage for 3D modeling and texture creation, then get a job at a company in the gaming industry.

Chris C.

Achieve Charter School

I am concrete, accurate, and very efficient. I can use a computer, work well in groups, and be well organized. I like to be me and no one else, program on my cpu and design games. I want to do engenering, programing, culinary, science, and cosmetology.


Albert Einstein Education Fellow, U.S. Department of Energy

A dedicated father and husband, I like to use my creative, artistic and investigative skills to lead teams focused on developing and delivering engaging learning opportunities. Through hard work, dedication and perseverance I regularly accomplish my goals to create lessons specifically focused at paths forward for sustainable future.

Brandon M.

Achieve Charter School

Taking this test, I got investigative. I like to think abstractly solve math problems, and I am able to understand scientific theories. I like to be scientific, independent, and observant. My hobbies are computers, games, and astronomy. Someday I would like to be a police detective because I like being in all the action and trying to figure out some hard stuff.

Charlotte G.


I am patient, optimistic, and empathic. I work well with young people, enjoy volunteering at various non-profit organizations in my community, as well as organize fundraising events. I am able to express myself clearly, mediate disputes, and think abstractly. One of my strong suits is leading group discussions and making all members of the group feel included. I am involved in various groups on campus, and love meeting new friends from diverse backgrounds. My goal is to graduate college and become a kindergarten teacher.


San Jose State University

I am and have always been a very social person that is in search of making a difference in others lives. While I have personal hobbies such as playing guitar, hiking, and playing pool, none compare to coaching basketball and being a Biology student. Although I truly enjoy all my personal hobbies, coaching basketball and biology give me the biggest chance of helping those in need as well as those seeking and willing to learn. While I have had stumbles along the way, I continue to perceive my ultimate dream of either becoming a surgeon, or a medical doctor for a sports team. It is nice to do something that interest me, but it is even more satisfying to put a smile on someone, knowing that their day, week, month, or even life has been made a bit better.

Luiza A.

San Jose State University

I'm really outgoing and social person, what I think that can help me to work in a group. I like to work with young people, because I think they always want to learn new things.
I like to be around people, I do not like to be by myself. I like to write, because I think that this is the best way to express my ideas.
I think about my future with a job around people, I am sure that I do not want to work in a office alone. I want a job that I love and that gives me time to spend with things that I like to do, such as be with my family and friends during weekends.

Nandyala Gama #13

San Jose State University

I am a really outgoing and creative person. I love to deal with people, listen to their ideas and use them to complement my ideas and construct amazing things. I think I have a nice personality to start my own business. Now in college, I have my heart completely towards the athletic field. I am a volleyball player, but I look forward to be a successful professional in the Advertising field.

Brittney R.

William J. Pete Knight Hish School

I am very creative, social, talkative and self confident. I can give speeches, convince people to do things, paint and draw and organize activities. I like to play sports and be active, i also like to be very independent with my work and studies and work inside. I most enjoy to be in creative designing classes that involve design and art and i also like hearing about the economy. A great career choice for me would be going into design for apparel design and merchandising i love to design and that is what i am going forward with.

Mack G.

Leroy Greene

I am smart and computer savvy. I can fix computers and develop programs. I like to use technology. My hobbies are being a statistician for my school's soccer team.

Robert M.


I am a first generation college student who likes to make people laugh in a positive environment. I find myself to be a creative person usually filled with many ideas. Sometimes I like to bring my ideas to reality by using multimedia programs to share my ideas. I plan to use the advantages of my creativity to pursue a career in it to create technology products. One of my interest includes learning about history preferably military history and the history of influential people.


San Jose State University

My name is Alexis Alvarez and I am a self-confident and ambitious young man. I am a natural born leader that can organize ideas, initiate projects, and persuade others. I enjoy making decisions and plan on starting up my own company.

Robert V.

San Jose State University

I am an extremely sociable person who loves communicating and learning about new products to sell to others. I am interested in the subjects of business, history, communication and architecture. I would love to incorporate any of these interests into my own business in the future.


Albert Einstein Middle School

i am athletic, i can solve problems, and i like to build things. My hobby is playing on a football team.



My goal is to become a sports anchor. My ideal job would be working for ESPN. I love everything about being in front of a camera. I also enjoy sports which would make my job fun.

Lily W.

Achieve Charter School

I am friendly, outgoing, helpful, understanding, and generous. I am also inquisitive, observant, broad minded, independent and intellectually self confident. I am creative, expressive and intuitive. I can teach and train others, lead a group and cooperate well with others. I can also think abstractly and solve complex math problems. I can sketch, paint, play the flute, and write stories.I like to help others with their personal and other problems, serve others, work with children and help them, and play sports. I also like to work independently as well as in groups, be challenged and explore a large variety of ideas. Some hobbies of mine are helping others with personal problems, volunteering or helping at different events, sports, and taking care of children. I love writing stories, playing the flute and painting, drawing, sculpting, and making art crafts.I also like to deal with ambiguous ideas, express myself creatively take photographs, and read a variety of books. After school I want to go to college and get a masters in multiple things. I want to get a masters in English or writing because I want to become an author as my career. I also want to be a therapist. This is why I want to get a masters in something to help me become a therapist such as psychology. I would absolutely love to become a veterinarian for wildlife or work with animals in some way. I want to get a masters in something to help me become a wildlife veterinarian. My backup job would be a history teacher. I love history and I would love to teach it. Ultimately I want to be an author and a wildlife veterinarian, but I would also love to be a history teacher or a therapist.

jesus h.

oak grove highschool

I am curious,logical and observant.
I can think abstractly and solve problems.
I like do research,be challenged

Kristy P.

Oak Grove

I am enthusiastic, optimistic and spontaneous. I can convince people to do things my way, organize activities, and sell things or promote ideas. I like to start my own business or service, make decisions affecting others, and win a leadership or sales award.


Achieve Charter Middle School of Paradise

I am independent, and detailed oriented. In my free time, I enjoy studying medicine, diseases, and genetics. My favorite science is biology and heredity, and I am interested in micro-biology (study of micro-organisms.) Hopefully in the future, I will be able to get in a Ivy-League college to then become a Micro-Biologist.