Changemaker Wall

A Changemaker is someone who wants to make change in the world. A Changemaker Statement describes who you are: your strengths, interests, goals, and selected Environmental Challenges. Visit Know Yourself, to write and publish your Changemaker Statement.

Emily B.

San Jose State University

I am friendly, patient, insightful, and helpful. I can express ,myself clearly and mediate disputes. I like to help people with problems and serve others. My hobbies include helping others with personal concerns, writing letters, and caring for children.



My name is Stephen, I am a creative and original person, I like to come up with some new ideas and surprise other people, I am also fond of playing basketball and listening to the music that helps me to be relaxed. I am willing to manage other people but I can not do it very well now, I want to learn more skills about management in the future, calculation is another specialty of me, I am an attentive person, I want to reduce mistakes in my life as much as possible and to become a person closed to perfect.

Anny Y.

Nanchang No.2 Middle School

I’m a grade 10 student named Anny who is imaginative, curious, social, insightful and analytical. I like reading, meeting new friends and exploring a variety of ideas. I enjoy traveling, photography, singing, designing, painting, dancing and playing musical instruments. I prefer thinking abstractly, keeping accurate records, organizing activities and working with others. I’m interested in art, finance, cooking, management, psychology, math, physics and computer. I intend to do some jobs which are related to some of them.

Yvette J.

San Jose State University

I am broad-minded, empathic, and introspective. I like to perform biological lab experiments, help people with their problems, and gain a broader view of the world by traveling. I also like expressing myself though singing and journaling, in which I can gain a better perspective on life. I can work independently, but I also enjoy cooperating with others and get along well with my peers. I'm driven to make a positive impact in others' lives and to enter the medical field where I could apply my lab skills and empathy to help people with their health.

Clare Z.

Nanchang No,2 Highschool

My name is Clare. I'm a logical, sensitive and optimistic grade 10 student who enjoys writing stories and poetry the most. My favourite subject at school is English, because I can learn to write articles and read good books in the class. I'm also very interested in art. And I really enjoy attending concerts or art exhibits, for they always bring me things to think. I'm a curious person in life. Sometimes I like reading things about theories in math or science, because it widens my eye sight and forces me to practice my brain.

Jose C.

Teaching Fellows Foundation

I am adventurous, social, and responsible. I like to explore new places, as well as learning new cultures. I like to learn new ideas that will help me in my life as in my career. I'm intrigued with our history and business world. That is why I have chosen business as my career path. Business is so broad it's like an adventure you never know where you would end up.