Changemaker Wall

A Changemaker is someone who wants to make change in the world. A Changemaker Statement describes who you are: your strengths, interests, goals, and selected Environmental Challenges. Visit Know Yourself, to write and publish your Changemaker Statement.

Jason C Rivera

san jose state university

I am a person that is very athletic and loves to play sports. I love to play sports because it is more of a hands on event for me to do and I am very good with my hands. My hobby would be to teach children how to play a sport.

Miho H.

San Jose State University

I am really understanding, patient, and kind person, so I can cooperate well with others. I like to meet new people and talk with them. I also like traveling, so I want to help people enjoy traveling contacting directly with people, probably in hotels or travel agency.

Jonathan M.


I am realistic, i am hands on. I can be social around others, I am social. I like to be investigative, I love to investigate! With all these skills I can obtain and enjoy a future career. A huge goal that I would one day love to accomplish is to become a Commercial Airline Pilot. Machines are beautiful, whether they help us transport or help us on simple everyday tasks we can't live without them. With such a modern world my career awaits and the excitement is indescribable.



I am artistic, investigative, and enterprising. I use my artistry skills to create new and original ideas the can help promote different topics. I love to learn and observe others to gain information about how to deal with problems. I am a good leader and very organized in managing my goals. I love starting new projects and making decisions that can affect others. With these skills in mind i would like to study psychology to know just how well things are going within the human mind. I would also like to start a project dealing with the production of food.

Cameron M.

SJSU comm80

I am a very investigative person. I am inquisitive, analytical, scientific, observant, and independent. I understand scientific theories very well, do complex calculations, interpret formulas, and use scientific tools. I like to explore a variety of ideas, use computers in depth, work independently, perform experiments, and read scientific and technical journals. I am interested in electrical engineering, solving problems, analyzing circuits, doing math and science. I would rather work independently than on a team, but do not mind being the leader of a team as well. I have numerical ability and am very thorough when carrying out others' instructions. I like to work in structured situations and work with specifically set goals and deadlines.

Christine U.

San Jose State University

I am a strong and confident individual who enjoys working with others. I like collaborating my ideas with others and creating something together. I can do anything I set my mind to and work hard at any task that I am given.

Jonathan S.

Homestead High School

I like to do creative things that have space for imagination. I like to read, play games, and watch movies, because it is fun to be involved in others peoples stories. I also like to work with people, I can help others lead better lives, and this will be my positive impact on the world.

Sarai H.

Homestead High school

I am interested in being a psychologist to help everyone that is going through a hard time. Being there for people can change the community by giving people a reason that they do got people that care. People can finally open up and let out all the sadness they have inside. Change peoples mindset and make them think positive. Give them a reason to live and let them focus on the future that they still have because tomorrow isn't promised.

Benjamin D.

Homestead High School

I am competitive, inquisitive, independent, observant, clever, logical and curious. I can understand complicated concepts and formulate my own concepts or ideas. I am also capable of efficiently use a computer and interpreting raw data. I like to experiment with random ideas and i try to ask a lot of questions. When I work i like to be alone and to have someone to beat. My hobbies include, using the computer, reading, solving puzzles and competitive fencing.

Dylan X.

Homestead High School

I am artistic. I can create concepts and designs that will shake the world and bring the world to the idea of electric and solar cars. I will help design cars and other things that could help stop all emissions from cars and fossil fuel and stop our carbon footprint.


Homestead High school

My career is very important to me because I want to go into the medical field and save people's lives. I want to prove that this world hasn't gone the other direction. I have a small gift of being able to sympathizes without getting emotionally attached. I want to show that even after the bombings and the homicides there are still people who want to make a difference in the world.


Red Bluff High School

I am intellectual, patient, independent, scientific, sensitive, and forgiving. I can think abstractly, teach/train others, express myself clearly, and sketch. I like to work independently, perform lab experiments, do research, do volunteer work, and express myself creatively. I like visiting museums, caring for children, helping others with personal concerns, and drawing.

Elyzar Tria

San Jose State University

I am a notorious lumpia and lechon eater who loves to travel. I look forward to self development, team building and the leadership aspect of sky's the limit. I'm a coachable, family oriented young man who is ready for the journey that lies ahead. I am ready to learn more of the pharmaceutical degree to enrich my own mindset and my future company. Currently a San Jose State University student studying Chemical Engineering, and also an active brother of Alpha Kappa Omega. In addition, I intern as a Chemical Analysis Lab Technician and works part time as a Ramp Service Agent Operator, marshaling planes at United Airlines.

veronika m.

San jose state university

I am a good helper who likes to inform others and teach them. I like investigating and making conclusions to solve problems. I like leading people and managing making decisions that are for the best of others. My favorite thing to do is dance which includes working with a partner or an entire group and I like to work with numbers.

Savannah R.

San Jose State University

I am vey friendly, dependable, empathetic, and forgiving. I aim to help others, specifically young children, whether its through their personal problems or teaching them a simple activity or sport. I enjoy working in groups and connecting with others, which is shown through my commitment to the group I recently joined on campus. Through this, you can also recognize how much i enjoy making new friends and being sociable. I hope to one day work in the medical field, specifically with children.


Biggs High

I am a very self-confident person and love helping others. Social and enthusiasm make up my personality. I love to give talks and advice. I am very independent and can lead a group. The decisions I make will affect my future. I started to be more responsible and insightful in the things that I commit to do. I know that nothing is easy in life. I will do my best in everything that comes down my road. There is a lot of ambition that lives inside of me. Ambition that will not let me give up on anything. I will conquer my own world. I have the power within me.I am very impulsive and will explode like a bomb. My name will forever be left behind in this world. Money will no longer be an obstacle i will operate my own business.

Bella Lopez Dina

San Jose State University

I am independent, I can think abstractly and I like to listen to people's problems and help come up with adequate solutions. My hobbies consist of participating in community services. I love participating in things that will make a difference in small communities as well as world wide. In the future I want to be part of a team that can help uphold sustainability, but at the same time help boost the economy.


San jose State University

I am responsible, imaginative, intuitive, and observant. These things help me express myself clearly while cooperating well with others. I am able to think abstractly and to understand people and be compassionate towards others. I like to work independently and to be challenged but can still operate under pressure or with a team. I love working under environments that deal with science since it is my favorite subject.


San Jose State University

I am conventional, investigative, and marginally social. I can do a lot of paper work in a short time, operate a computer efficiently, analyze data, and do research. I like to collect or organize things, use office equipment, use computers in depth, work independently as well as in groups, and explore a variety of ideas. My main hobbies consist of playing computer or card games, collecting memorabilia, crossword puzzles, and reading and writing.

Lura N.


I am a very helpful, creative, and generous person. I am also self-confident, optimistic, and forgiving. I am proud to say I can teach and train others, lead a group, mediate disputes, and persuade others. Whether at work or at home, I like to help people with their problems, do volunteer work, and make decisions affecting others. I enjoy helping others with personal concerns, volunteering with non-profit organizations, caring for children, and visiting art museums. I hope to obtain a career where I can help others while being in a leadership role.