Changemaker Wall

A Changemaker is someone who wants to make change in the world. A Changemaker Statement describes who you are: your strengths, interests, goals, and selected Environmental Challenges. Visit Know Yourself, to write and publish your Changemaker Statement.


Arroyo High School

Every day people all over the world of every race, gender, and age are afflicted with diseases, medical accidents, and even life-or-death situations. Doctors dedicate their lives to helping people from all corners of the globe, providing medical care and experstise to improve health and save lives worldwide. I'm ready to commit my life to helping people from all over the nation get excellent health and to be able to help treat people for years to come. The reason I would be a great doctor is that I am intellectually self-confident, and can cooperate well with others as it allows me to make decisions and communicate effectively with patients and colleagues. To know that my actions may save lives as well as being able to save future generations and allow people to live healthier and happier.

Sofia Pouard

Arroyo High School

My biggest personal interests are law and political science. I love to work with people and help with many challenges . I have done many community services that work with the law ideas. Many places I have worked with and the experience I have had led me to want to be a lawyer, It best fits the way that I work and the things that I am interested in since I am a very investigative person. I am a very observant person who loves to do community work, I keep my information organized and I have great debating skills. I am very good at persuading people and explaining my ideas. I have many hobbies such as volunteering and doing a lot of work inside of law. I am working with Stanford law for a law program this summer which is an amazing opportunity and something that I would love to do in the future. This all connects to keeping the community healthy and safe.

layloww <3

Arroyo High School

When I was younger I was always so set on being a dentist/orthodontist. Anyone who asked me "what do you want to be when you grow up" my honest response would be an orthodontist. But now as I grow up and am exposed to life a little more I know that I want to have a career in the medical field. I really enjoy painting and drawing because they both allow me to show my creativity and really concentrate which can take my mind off of other things. I really enjoy building things because it's another way for me to express my creativity. And lastly I enjoy caring for children. I'm really good with smaller kids and know how to interact with them. I'm very responsible for my age, persuasive, and a reliable high school student who knows what it means to have an education. My goal is to graduate and become successful for myself. I'm determined to help others in need while also doing whats right for our environment.


Arroyo High

The world we live in is an exceedingly diverse place, home to a multitude of peoples and cultures. The ways in which they communicate and express themselves are very closely intertwined. Many of those languages and ways of life are endangered and will perish if they aren't studied and preserved. My speaking and leadership skills will be beneficial in a Linguistics classroom, as well as in doing anthropologic work in the field. Fueling my passion for language, research and human interaction in this field will allow future generations to see the beauty of our world.


San Marin High School

I am Analytical, conscientious, and assertive. I enjoy analyzing data from experiments I set up to learn new information. Thinking abstractly has also been useful in finding solutions that are not obvious when leading a group or conducting experiments. I like hiking, spending time in nature, reading philosophy, and meditation. As a connected hobby, I like reading about business and life skills. Watching the stock market, keeping up with astronomy, and learning about the mechanics of automobiles.


San Marin High School

In 10 years I see myself working as an attorney in a corprate law firm in either Florida or California. I enjoy government, politics, and the law, and feel very comfortable and confident when being a litigator in the court room. I have been team captain of San Marin Mock Trial since Sophmore year, and want to put my passion for the law into real life applications. I want to attend a 3 + 3 year program, where I will be called to the bar in 6 years instead of the usual 7. My top choice currently is Univeristy of Miami in Coral Gables. I can see myself using my skills in poltics and the law to create important enviornemtal protical that protects our enviornment, the resources we use, and the people who live in it. When im not focusing on politics and the law, I like to be in a social enviornment, either doing an organized activity or just hanging out socially. My best qualities are being very outgoing and confident, and also being organized and focused on projects when I am given a task.


San Marin High School

I am optimistic and outgoing, and I truly love working with peers on projects that I think will benefit the world. I hope that I can find a career that will change things for the better, whether it happens to be environmental or based on human health. My father passed away from cancer while I was young, so I'd be content finding myself in a field that can cure other people of diseases whilst also making people happy. I plan on using my leadership and critical thinking to climb up to a position where I can truly make a difference.


Rochester Institute of Technology

I am a creative thinker, problem solver, and passionate advocate for the environment, driven by my love for physical science and the study of our natural world. As I witness the pressing challenges of climate change, I am committed to being a change maker. Armed with my background in Environmental Sustainability, I am determined to contribute my skills and knowledge to a company that not only cares deeply for our ecosystems but also has Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles at its core.

My hands-on approach to work is complemented by my ability to perform hydrological, geological, and air quality tests with precision. I am not just a thinker; I am a doer, a planner, and a creator who thrives in collaborative teams. I am driven to innovate and rethink existing systems, utilizing my analytical and inquisitive nature to drive positive change. My adventurous and enthusiastic spirit extends beyond the workplace, as I enjoy biking, hiking, snowshoeing, rafting, and exploring the natural world. In quieter moments, I find solace in crocheting, baking, and reading.

I am ready to be a catalyst for change, to make a lasting impact on our planet's future, and to be part of a company that shares my values and vision for a sustainable world


soar for youth

We are challenged with a lot of inaccurate data. I am determined to help make the data more trustworthy. I see myself as a intelligent, young scholar who wants to make data more trustworthy and usable. I like working with chemicals, playing music, and sports.


Oceanside High School

As a musician, I am aware of the struggle it is to find specific gear and hardware for particular instruments. I would love to help musicians as a community, cooperate with other musicians, and open a business. Some products I would like to sell that would help the environment are custom drum shells made of recycled wood, and handmade hardware from recycled metals. I would also like to sell things like instruments of big companies and superior quality, merchandise, and unusual/uncommon gear. Every product would be constructed with eco-friendly packaging.



I am someone who is emotional but independent. I like to use my hands when it comes to tending plants or animals. I don't really like to talk my walk because then everyone knows what to expect, I rather walk the walk because then people will be surprised and proud. My hobbies mainly consist of drawing dresses and composing music. Some of the challenges I think the world is facing is when most dress designers cut fabric they just throw the extras away. I feel like I could help the world by reusing the extra fabric and make like quilts or little pillow or sew it together to make designs on dresses or shirts. I could also help by maybe creating a website where people could notify if they have extra fabric they are thinking about throwing away and just ship it to me to reuse.
-Suary Z


soar for youth

I an understanding, independent, observant. I like to do research and like to help and volunteer, and love working by myself. My hobbies are reading books and helping people and caring for others. I want to apply my skill and use them for mental heath resources, and also raise awarness for food sources , since food can effect ur mood and mental heath. And how eating something can boost you self esteem, or help heal in many different ways my future goals is to bring more mental heath resources to lower class community.


west high school

I possess the ability to solve problems, promote ideas, persuade individuals, and organize activities effectively. I'm inclined towards pursuing a career that aligns with my natural talents. Renewable energy and car maintenance appeal to me due to the innate connection I feel with these areas. By honing my skills in areas such as problem-solving and persuasion, I can contribute to initiatives related to sustainable energy and perhaps even consider establishing a business in this domain. This would not only capitalize on my strengths but also lead to positive advancements in fields like renewable energy and car maintenance.

Change Maker wall

Carver HSES

I like to work with nature and others. My hobbies include doing activities outdoors, including plants, and working with others. Having these hobbies has helped me narrow down my interest in career paths. I found that I am most compatible with being a landscape architect. In this career I can work to improve my community through nature, work with others in group projects, or creatively improve my community's environment.


Carver Engineering and Sciencer

My passions and goals in life are to help others and be there for others when needed. As a person who has always been quiet and felt like they didn't have a voice or felt like they couldn't express themselves, I feel like it is my job to help people with their struggles and make them feel comfortable. There are a lot of people who struggle in life mentally and physically and I believe that I can be helpful in some way and some form. I'm an introverted, quiet, obedient, athletic, scholar and I believe I can help others around me with my interests. Some jobs that would interest me are Mental Health Counselor, Lawyer, and public relations specialist since in some way I can help people out in life and still enjoy and be happy with my decision. Some hobbies of mine that might contribute to my perfect job is that I love crossword puzzles/board games, solving math problems, meeting new friends, playing sports, dancing for fun, and writing. These may not be the strongest hobbies, but even the less interesting hobbies and not-so-talented ones can do a lot. I love being someone people can rely on and a shoulder for them to lean on so I believe that any of these jobs could be a great fit for me.

Writing Center

Oceanside High School

I like to think about myself as independent, introspective, observant and enjoy keeping research and valuable information that I’ve acquired in files. Scriptwriting is a hobby of mine and I like to get imaginative and creative and create a world where you can get loose. Although, it’s time to understand that earth-planet earth needs us now more than ever. I want to apply my strengths that I’ve obtained along the way to better help the environment, in terms related to animals, bacteria, farming, agriculture etc. I can help my environment, communities and planet earth around me by using the skills that I know to better the future ahead of me.


Oceanside High School

With all the energy we use on a day to day basis there is significant effect on where it comes from. In the US most still comes from non renewable resources that release CO2. This selection of energy needs to have more choices for renewable sources. If something doesnt change not only will the price for KWH of energy go up but also the temperature and living conditions on earth would get worse from the pollutants released. I would love to help in the realistic side of problems, installing solar panels on roofs to hopefully reduce the need for energy that comes from this like gas and coal. I could help sell designs or solar modules in general to help spread the word of alternate energy sources. I could sell them as an investment rather than a savior to make people feel more justified for buying it as more benefit to them than the community around them. If we brought them into a trend or new house style it could also help boost sales.


Oceanside High School

I am a Thinker, I usually spend most of my time just thinking to myself. A thing I will definitely work on is being persistent with my goals, sometimes I just don't put energy behind my work and I do the minimum that is required so if there is a goal that I for sure I want to complete then I will put 101% effort in it. Some of interest which might be attributes to potential careers is being informed about politics, writing poetry, TV shows and things that make you think for a while. Some hobbies I want to be more involved with are writing poetry, keeping up with the news, practicing with the guitar, learning a new language and going to the gym. I want to improve my knowledge on the world so I can hopefully improve the world with either a friendly face or an important decision maker.


Oceanside high school

Right now our world isn't in the best of conditions we are taking advance of the environment is given to us and while there have been some improvements there is still a long way to go. That's why I'm looking forward to a career in having the ability to create change and improve the world because this is our home. I am more of a hands-on type of person I would like to be able to build something or be doing labs on things the reason why I like the hands-on projects is that it feels rewarding to see all the work you have done in the finished project. That reflects in my hobbies as well I like growing plants and flowers because it is a fun hands-on activity to do and it is so nice to see the outcome of all your hard work, especially plants because you can eat them afterward. While I'm an independent person, I can still be in groups because while I prefer groups there is still that rewarding feeling of being a part of something and being able to not just see your ideas but there. That is why the STEM field is the path for me because math is my favorite subject, like science, and technology, and I know I want to some type of difference in the world, and being in the STEM playing my strength I can make a difference.

PG&E Mentorships

The NEED Project

I'm interested in examining social and environmental challenges and creating solutions. I want to make a difference for future generations by connecting high school students with experts in energy and the environment so that they can become future leaders and influencers! I have had careers in architecture and engineering, public education and administration, and now work with high schools with career pathways.