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A Changemaker is someone who wants to make change in the world. A Changemaker Statement describes who you are: your strengths, interests, goals, and selected Environmental Challenges. Visit Know Yourself, to write and publish your Changemaker Statement.



I am observant, persistent, confident, logical, and scholarly. I can think outside the box. I want to be flexible because I don't ever wanna feel like there's something I can't do. My main hobby is playing team sports. My selected environmental changes are food, green construction, green production, and community. My goals are to try and lessen the amount of pollution and waste that we use because if we don't change we are soon to go instinct.


George Washington Carver of Engineering and Science

I am creative, kind, outgoing, and helpful. I enjoy doing many things such as dancing, singing, writing stories, travelling, caring for children, and making new friends. I have always felt a connection towards people and I feel happy when I know that I have helped them in someway. Helping people is just one thing that majorly contributes to my future career. My goal is to become a pediatrician that does not only attend to children when they are sick, but is also a friend to them. Children are the future of our world and I feel that pediatricians have a duty to not only make sure that children are healthy and well, but to also make sure that they are enjoying life and being kids. Many natural disasters around the world take a toll on people's environment as well as their health and lives and I know, even as a freshman in high school, there is work to be done to help those around us. I want to apply my love for helping others and children to make the environment a safer, healthier, and happier place.

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George Washington Carver Engineering and Science high school.

The world that we live on is currently in danger, with pollution everywhere. I want to use my skills to help reduce waste and pollution. I am currently interested in computers, and some hobbies I enjoy doing is hanging out with my friends, going to sporting events, and helping out in my community. My goal is to reduce waste on the earth. I want to find a career that helps reduce waste.

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I am helpful, smart, and inquisitive. My favorite things to do are playing basketball and cooking. I want to have the opportunity to help kids out while at the same time teach them lessons that will lead them to successful lives. My greatest goal is that eventually I will run a school and provide great accessible education for any kid who shows they want and deserve it. I believe that the key to changing the environment begins with the children and the education they receive. Without a good education as we grow up we grow ignorant of what is going on in the environment. for that reason, I would like to own a school of my own and have the ability to make sure that students are aware of the Environmental and Economical issues that occur in our world.

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Humans have been on this planet for almost 200,000 years and we have done some terrible things to the planet and I want to change that for the benefit of both the planet and us. When I grow up I want my career to be based on engineering. This will allow me to help the earth and everyone else. I would like to help the earth along with people due to my intrestest with working in a social enviroment. With my knowledge of understanding scientific theory and doing reserach I hope to change the world with people.


GW Carver HSES

I am scientific, observant, broad-minded and can think abstractly to explore a variety of ideas. In my free time I enjoy computer programming, building models, sketching, and p[laying computer games. I want to apply my interests and knowledge to becoming a programmer or robotics engineer. I could use my talents in the field to safe guard computers from viruses and cyber terrorists or to make more natural prosthetic for retired veterans.


George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science

We might not want to admit it but at this moment earth seriously lacks the amount of pure water. The need of pure water is far more than what we have now. We are also running out of energy day by day. Trees are cut everyday to make room for houses and farms for the overgrowing population and the very paper we use in our day to day life. Scientists have found solutions to each of these problems. We could recycle the water, we could build solar panels and we could plant more trees but there's simply not enough people dedicating their lives to solve problems like these .Of course, there are young people like me who want to work on these problems and I hope we would have a better life in the future instead of destroying this beautiful planet. We have to act now or we will face our doomsday really soon.


George Washington Carver Highschool for Engineering and Science

I am a artistic, creative, hardworking woman that has great goals in life. I care for the people and world around me, therefore I want to make the world a better place, I want to help now so that the their would be better opportunities in the world. I want to find ways to lower pollution levels, help the fight against climate change, help the world do better things in the future than it is doing in the present. I see myself as introverted, but once I get to know you, I am very extroverted. I like to draw and make different things as well as write and read, sing and dace, and I can play instruments. I also dabble in lab experiments.


Carver HSES

I am independent, observant, and creative. I enjoy computer-based activities: PCs building, programming, and gaming. My experience with computers and technology leads me to want to apply my knowledge relating to helping develop and sustain our healthy environmental resources. My hobbies include sketching (particularly the environments) and collecting things (coins around the world as I travels). I also like to travel the world taking notes of ideas the world has to offers to better improve the livability of the environments and the species living in it.


George Washington Carver Engineering and Science

My interest are being physically active and trying my best to go green. So I believe that if I become a body and mind trainer I will be able to keep people healthy and active and also allow them to have a positive, "go green" mindset. This would be very beneficial for the world because right now the world is at an all time high in unhealthy people and the world being unhealthy itself. If people learn to become more healthy and treat the world better, we all can live longer including the world.


G.W. Carver HSES

I see that the world needs Changemakers. We all can be changemakers. I, specifically, am energetic, extroverted, intelligent and driven. I am very interested in building and creating stuff to promote the welfare of the environment and others. I like hands on activities, especially when it involves sports.

Sanaa’s future!

George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science

I am a very responsible, caring, kind, and friendly person. I have a passion for caring for others and working with people. I have good communication skills and I have a lot of empathy for people. Therefore i want apply my superb strengths into a career as being a women’s health nurse practitioner. I can’t wait to be hands on with people and make a change in someone’s life.


Carver HSES

I consider myself an artist and everyday I find myself sketching and admiring movies and films for not its story but the work the artists put into it, and usually you would see me on my phone watching these things instead of paying attention to the world that has people constantly pouring its trash into it and polluting its environment. I want to be able to reduce pollution and waste that is either thrown or poured out there every day and I believe I can do this if I apply my strengths. I am creative and I like to be independent when it comes to my work. I hope to protest using my Art of the things that would still be alive if we hadn't polluted the world so much.


new energy academy

I am creative, observant, persuasive and generous. I can think critically and give speeches to persuade others. In one way or another, my interests tie together in some way and or can be incorporated together. My main interest and hobby is photography. I also love camping and hiking. I can not only use the skill of photography to take pictures of the beautiful environment but also spread awareness and show what a lot of people don't often see. Such as the effects of littering or not taking care of the environment. I also love politics. It's important to be aware of what is going on in the world and I am determined to constantly learn and obtain information about current events. I would love to do political photography of speeches for example. I could also use photography to capture moments of injustice to bring awareness to the public. I would also like to pursue becoming a history teacher which can help give kids a fun way of learning about important events that have happened. I absolutely love history and I enjoy learning new things every day.


New Energy Academy

I am a friendly person that can talk to others about how they can change the world and make better choices for everyday living. I love to participate in religious meetings by speaking to others and meet important people that help the environment and society. My hobbies include painting and drawing that include gardening. As well, I do my best to work on environmental challenges that include pollution, littering, wildlife, and sealife crisis. Though many think there is an abundance of water sources, we have a crisis of polluting it. As well, we need to save energy throughout our city because in many places don't have the sources to receive it every day. We can face the challenges by doing minimum things and improving them as we all go along. We can all achieve having a healthy environment if we all make the difference.

Jess- NEA

New Energy Academy

I am a kind, friendly and very understanding person. I am also scholarly. I'm able to cooperate well with others and within a system. I'm good at organizing activities with a youth group. My interests are helping others with problems, using my hands, and performing lab experiments. I also like caring for children. Volunteering with social action groups and playing computer or card games.


Venture Academy High School

My goals are to open my own business and to be to independent. I do not want to work under anyone but be the one in control of my money. I am not yet sure what I want to do but a career locally sounds like a bright idea.


Venture Academy

I am a person that wants to serve others and help them with what they are going through. I enjoy playing music, cooking and hanging out with my friends. I want to use all of my skills in my job so I enjoy what I do for the rest of my life. So, if i find something that i love to do or not I'll be happy no matter what I do.



I am imaginative, enthusiastic, understanding, and friendly. I can dance, express my self clearly, sell and promote ideas. I like to attend concerts and theaters. My hobbies are performing and operating a home business.

Gina // NEA

New energy academy

I’d love to become a lawyer and make actual change in the country. Whether that would support me going into politics, or practice law to help the environment by be an activist on the side.