Changemaker Wall

A Changemaker is someone who wants to make change in the world. A Changemaker Statement describes who you are: your strengths, interests, goals, and selected Environmental Challenges. Visit Know Yourself, to write and publish your Changemaker Statement.


George Washington Carver Engineering and Science

I am Observant, Independent, Adventurous, creative, Friendly. I enjoy astronomy, playing computer or card games and solving math problems. I also enjoy work independently, building things and tinker with machines/vehicles. I want to apply my realistic ability to a career that involves Atmospheric and Space Scientists and Wind Energy Engineers, by exploring space or creating something to get energy from the wind faster.

Nymir W-W

George Washington Carver, Engineering and Science.

I am an extroverted individual. I like to meet new people whether they're important or potentially a new friend. Due to my extroverted personality, i can fit into an lot of different social groups without even knowing it because of my ability to connect with people confidently. I would also consider myself to think abstractly and think a head of time to and idea that is cooking n my mind. I think about life, and what my future holds; i try to think about my purpose and life and it leads me conflicted because i have endless options and don't know what to choose. This may have to do with the fact the i rely on others opinions because i find it hard to choose between something so little or important. This is why i like to meeting new people, new people have different ideas and NEW ideas that can testify to decisions i can't make. I need everything in life to have some sort of connection, for example, my extroverted personality helps me connect with others and meet new people, think abstractly and that causes me to think to much and can't make and decision, and new people have new ideas and can hep me come up with the best decision.


G.W Carver High School of Engineering and Science

I am an observant person, and I like to use my hands for things such as building models and crafts. I am interested in the field of engineering, especially mechanical. I want to contribute my ideas in making transportation and energy more green and environmentally-friendly, as well as being efficient and reliable. I also want to develop different strategies to reduce waste, and control how is it disposed of. Today, I see so many articles and conversations about climate change and pollution. I want to change how we receive our energy, so we won't have to damage our air and surroundings in order to have a way of going with our daily lives.


George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science

I am Creative, Outgoing, and Helpful. I enjoy most activities that require originality: writing, sewing, performing, baking, and drawing. I also like doing things people oriented such as helping others, teaching younger children, and expressing my ideas to a group. I want to apply my many creative artistic talents in cooking to help others understand how to eat healthy foods so that they can live a healthy life style.


Pete Knight High School

I am independent, outgoing, and collaborative. I find myself enjoying situations that involve problem solving, designing, and building. I also like social activities such as partying, meeting new people, and speaking out on different topics. My hobbies include crafting, dancing, running, or even just staying where the people are, where I can communicate and have fun. I want to apply my investigative and extrovertive skills to make contributions to space exploration, all through the aerospace engineering field. I would work towards this goal through deep studies of the engineering career areas, involvement in hands-on design projects, and collaboration with my peers towards common objectives.


SOAR High School

Living in a world that advances in technology every second results in advancements in challenges along the way. As an aspiring product designer, I am constantly advancing my skills in 3D modeling and 3D printing in preparation of these challenges we have yet to face. My passions lie in 3D modeling, 3D printing, and assembly; which all require my full knowledge in advancing with technology synchronously. I am creative, determined, and passionate with my own skillsets and goals of tackling the next challenge of the future.


Pete Knight High School

I am intelligent, introverted, and independent. I enjoy gaming, hanging out with friends, doing good in school, and just having a good time. I am very introverted and will not open up to people who aren't close to me. I do enjoy hanging out with those close to me. I also enjoy creating things and seeing them workout. I also enjoy making videos with my friends because it's just a fun thing to do. I want to apply my talents to a career with building such as engineering or something close to this. To create something that can help people or make life easier for them.

Ashley Gonzalez Cruz

Pete Knight High School

I am Artistic, Investigative, and Realistic. I like doing artistic activities like drawing, painting, or sketching. I also like to go to the beach and swim. I want to apply myself to helping willife animals because I love nature and I love animals. I want to help animals who are suffering from all the pollution in the ocean and I want to improve their quality of life.


SOAR High School

I love uplifting my partners. I am a good catalyst for project growth. Ever since I was a young boy I have been interested in civil engineering. The idea of constructing something new compels me. I would be interested in designing windmills, in order to facilitate the extinguishment of burning fossil fuels. I believe this is the right path for me, because since I am good at assisting my coworkers, I would make a good lead engineer.


Pete Knight High School

I'm a creative person who's constantly trying to help others. I enjoy drawing, building, playing sports, and assisting others. I also love to see positive changes in the world, there are many issues within our world and seeing them get solved brings hope to me. I hope to be one of those people that can be a solution to those problems. That's especially why I want to become a mechanical engineer, maybe I can help people with their issues like with their water or food, or in need of solutions of problems within their areas. I just want to provide aid to people who aren't as privilege as others or even provide that aid into bettering our world.


SOAR High School

It is time for change. Our environment is wounded and in need of help. We -- all people -- should be pushing for more sustainable green energy resources and limits on pollutants produced by large manufacturing industries. However, many have proven that they are unwilling to change. So, we must create a solution. I hope to channel my proficiency in 3D modeling, computer programming, drive to do better, and desire to create in order to optimize/innovate on current green energy sources. Years of environmental malpractice has damaged our communities sometimes beyond recognition; we must be willing to be changemakers.

Susan Benites

I am a bilingual student with great critical thinking and reasoning skills. I have excelled in leadership
positions and have excellent communication and problem solving skills. I am a student who is involved in an environmental action club and have participated in many school clean ups. I hope to go into the engineering field and bring a larger focus on the environmental impact in civil engineering. My goals after high school are to attend a four year university and major in civil engineering.


Homestead High School

I am an outgoing person, and I love to teach and train others. Cooperation is a key part of working, and luckily, that is one of my strong points. I enjoy leading teams, from group projects to helping people through problems. Working in groups, helping people, and participating in social activities are some of my strengths and favourite things. I love playing games with my friends, helping others, and meeting/making friends. I want to apply my skills to a career by becoming a teacher or a therapist. Being a teacher could allow me to teach the next generation of humans about what they could become, and show them all their potential. Becoming a therapist could allow me to use my social skills and allow them to get through tough times in their lives. Overall, I think that I could make a big contribution to society, just by utilizing these strengths and interests that I have.


Chino Hills High School

I believe I am very creative and imaginative in this world, where I think a lot whee i have abstract ideas that I create in my head. I like reading stories, analyzing stories in video games, books or movies, and I have an idea of creating clothes in the future. I the same time I think I have an idea of design and art, I like judging whatever clothes is good and what is bad. This also creates a path towards reselling or marketing clothes and shoes that can either flop or sell. I seem to have the idea of marketing. I'm also very active with a lot of things, where I believe i can be a police officer if I took it serious.



I am very friendly when people are having a hard time I like to help them get through it. I’m very social I can go up to a stranger and start a conversation with them and I’m very outgoing and self-confident. I can train and teach others how to do things, I can lead a group, I am very convincing, and I cooperate well with others. I like to work in groups and play on sports teams, and meet important people and make decisions affecting others. My hobbies are going to parties, playing on a sports team, and attending sports games.


Boonsboro High School

One of the largest challenges facing our world today is obesity. I believe i can help this because i am a self-confident person that is very straight to the point with people. I can convince people to work for better in themselves. I like to lead people. My hobbies are outdoor sports and being active.


Sequim High School

My strengths are being responsible and having good communication skills. My interest goals are in the restaurant and cooking field. My selected environmental challenges are food.


Esperanza High School

I am determined and enthusiastic. I enjoy solving problems and devoting my time to helping others. I can mediate disputes, and help others move forward. I can also be reliable for others and what they need. I like meeting new people and trying new activities. My hobbies include helping others with personal concerns, reaching out to people I dont know, going to parties, and playing team sports. I am passionate about a healthy community and keeping the environment clean, as well as maintaining positive and stable communities.


Esperanza High School

I am very cooperative, observant, and expressive. I enjoy reading, doing artistic activities, photography, and I love to volunteer at social events. I also care for children daily, and settle and disputes they may have or helping with any of their personal concerns. I want to apply my social skills in going into an educational field, and becoming a teacher for young children, or becoming a guidance counselor in order to help children with any concerns they may have.


Esperanza High School

I am understanding, empathetic, and helpful. I can also cooperate really well with others, train other people in bettering themselves, and and express myself very clearly. I care a lot about the health and wellness of others, as well as keeping our environment and communities safe. I am very passionate about helping others and working with children. I want to be able to impact lives in positive ways and be a person to look up to. In my ideal career, I will be able to change children's lives for the better and help people get through personal challenges they face. I think counseling or teaching is the right path for me due to my amount of concern for children and their families' stories.