Changemaker Wall

A Changemaker is someone who wants to make change in the world. A Changemaker Statement describes who you are: your strengths, interests, goals, and selected Environmental Challenges. Visit Know Yourself, to write and publish your Changemaker Statement.


Arroyo High School

Since time immemorial, a plethora of issues have plagued history and have terrorized billions of lives with the utmost travesty. Of these societal and global dilemmas, none have been more eternally problematic neither dramatically perpetual than the issue of waste reduction. Such an issue deserves heightened attention, and I am willing and confident to bring it to light, as well as to present resolutions that can ameliorate (or completely eradicate) the growth of waste on the planet. I am an inquisitive, self-confident, and a rather energetic individual who challenges himself as if it were a household task to fulfill. As such, working to implement waste reduction plans on a legislative or executive level, or to provide recommendations for present governments to abide by, are what I know to be the most effective methods in seeing change. I write stories, poems, and play computer or card games as a hobby where the school subjects of history and foreign languages are what I love most.


Arroyo High

I find that my patience and ability to understand and listen to people has helped me come this far, and will continue to be beneficial in the long run, both for myself and others. I feel as my experience with working with and teaching young children has helped me express myself more creatively. This expands my interests in creative and artistic fields such as playing/writing music to tell stories that will appeal to others and hopefully make an impact and influence them. I aim to create closer communities among people, especially at a young, impressionable age, where even a little can go a long way. Additionally, I also hope to teach others about the importance of taking care of ourselves and others, showing that we are all human. I have always seen myself as a musician, and as a musician, I believe it is important to convey messages that can bring people alike together, and also make a positive impact to guide/influence others to make good decisions.



the most interesting job I think I would like is a photographer. because photography can capture moments in life and time that can educate inform and inspire people. It can bring attention to social issues and help people understand cultures and different perspectives. it can also help keep a healthy environment because you can take a picture of a place in nature or in the wild that has never been touched before and it can help people understand how nature changes and how humans impact the world and change the environment.


Oceanside Highschool

I am understanding and an artist. I enjoy video technology as well as nature and the human body. I wish to apply these interests and skills to learn about humanity's greatest secrets and learn more of us. After almost a century of research conducted upon the human body, we've only found and understood a Milligram of our DNA. I wish to use my artistic abilities and knowledge of video technology to discover and show of the secrets of our body. Not only that, but understanding the human body, would allow us to truly understand the mind, specifically criminal ones.


Oceanside Highschool

My strengths are efficient, persistent, well-organized, responsible, ambitious, patient, and a nature lover. I am interested in making Earth healthy again not for the sake of humanity but for the sake of all the other animals, ecosystems, and habitats that humanity has or will destroy. My goal is to not only make others more aware of Earth dying but to give them solutions to help aid the Earth back to health. My selected environmental challenges lie in pollution for land, air and water.


Grange Middle School

I'm an abstract thinker. I like to think of random things and let my mind go places. I've noticed that I usually make up stories and/or fake scenarios in my head unconsciously. One of my other interests are taking care of children. I've always wanted to imagine children as a big part of my future. With these two traits, I have come up with the idea of being a child caretaker, while also having a side job of writing novels or children's books.


Oceanside High School

I have always been friendly, helpful, patient, cooperative, responsible, understanding, and kind since I was little. I can plan and supervise activities and cooperate well with others because I am a responsible and friendly person. I like to help people with problems, work with young people, and serve others, because I wished someone would've done something like this for me when I was younger. I also like to use my hands, build things, tinker with machines/vehicles, because my dad and my brother do that a lot and I aspire to be like them sometimes. In my career I hope to help people, like for example: help build sustainable communities , clean and reduce waste in communities.

King Ren

West High School

I like to think critically and explore ambiguous ideas. I am well organized, independent, and observant. I can plan and supervise an activity, cooperate well with others, and use scientific tools. I like to do volunteer work and explore a variety of ideas. My hobbies are growing plants and flowers, visiting art museums, and travelling. Being a microbiologist not only caters to my interests, but my future studies could help make the environment and people more healthy.

The things that I know about myself

deer valley high

I am creative, imaginative, idealistic. As a person who applies for those things, I like to draw, read cartoons, take photos, do makeup, and I am easily able to lead a group. But there are parts of me that also like to play volleyball, sing, dance, be on social media, design for anything, and helping others. I also like to work independently, but I would like to be a teacher teaching art at a high school. Or help others like a counselor who helps children who have family issues or mental health.


soar for youth

I am creative and I love making other peoples ideas reality. I love to draw and sketch out ideas that me or other people had in mind. I like to develop fictional characters, give them backstories, and sometimes even write stories including the characters. I want to use my skills to illustrate my own, and other peoples stories and make comics. These comics can teach you a lesson about the world and teach you how you can help people and the world.


Deer Valley High

When I grow up I aspire to be a content creator and all those aspects it entails. From graphic design to designing clothes I hope to be able to utilize all my creativity to my fullest potential. I am precise and work well with others but enjoy working alone, I enjoy singing, writing, creating graphics, and being artistic as a whole. I hope as I am using my resources I can serve others and help them discover their purpose & potential that is inside of them.


Arroyo High School

I believe I am a cooperative, friendly, practical yet impulsive person that wants to see a positive change in the world towards having healthy people in better communities. I'm willing to do this with my skills in helping and working well with others, using computers well, organizing, and following orders. Some of my hobbies that tie into what I am good at are playing computer games and writing. Others I have are having a small business and just helping others in general. I would be best at helping communities in the technical sort of way; with set directions for me to do in order to help.


Sequim High School

I am curious, broad minded and inquisitive. I am also agreeable, talkative, and sometimes impulsive. I can often times convince people do things my way. I enjoy reading fiction and creatively expressing myself. I enjoy doing things like playing all kinds of games (video games, board games, sports, ect.), visiting museums, and researching the topics of astronomy and geology. I've always enjoyed the idea of becoming a geologist or astronomer. I want to help people in some way, whether it's helping to decline the pollution of the environment or figuring out a cleaner way of disposing waste. I want to become a geologist, I want to find ways to find new uses for natural resources, study how natural disasters effect people and the environment. Geologists study the natural environment, natural resources, and natural hazards like earthquakes and volcanoes. Being a Geologist helps society because geologists help deal with searching for natural resources like precious metals and petroleum, they also help by finding ways to lessen the damage of natural disasters.


Sequim High School

Ever since I was little I have been an independent child and now woman. Also, I am very successful and hardworking when I put my mind to something. This has now helped me at 17 years old and a junior to help me get back on track and figure out what I want to do when I graduate. Some of my favorite things are Helping others and be challenged. Which should help me become a nurse which not only did the test say I would be good at but I've wanted to be one for a while. I know that it will be hard work but I will put my understanding of math and science to help me become a successful nurse.


Knight High School

I am good independent, strong, and self intuitive all while being original. I enjoy creating, programming, and learning how to use new technology and tools. I want to apply my engineering skills towards a mechanical engineering based job where I can aid in the development of future technology and creating them.

Isaiah B.D

George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science

When I want to grow up, I want to become an engineer. I am observant, independent, and intellectually self-confident. I can think abstractly, understand scientific theories, and interpret formulas. I like to use computers in-depth, to be challenged, and to be physically active. My hobbies are building models, playing computer games, and arranging and organizing household or workshops. My favorite subjects in school are science, math, and PE.


George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science

I am Inquisitive, Observant, Independent, Logical, Creative, Friendly, and Patient. I enjoy exploring a variety of ideas, being challenged, analyzing data, and helping people with problems. My hobbies include Astronomy, Photography, and Sewing. I'm hoping to put my interests and traits into an earth science job that is associated with criminology, for instance a forensic scientist.


George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science

I am hardworking, polite, Athletic, and reserved sometimes. I feel like that I would like a job that can use my creativity and persevirence on stuff like saving plants and helping out the world in a ecofriendly way. I love playing soccer, tinkering with stuff, and test new ideas. My strong points are math and writing. I would like to be an engineer or technician because those careers interest me the most.


Soar For Youth

I am self confident and independent. I love debating because I can convince people to understand things the way I do. I like making decisions that affect others, I would like to be elected to office one day, and I would like to start my own business one day. Things I enjoy are leading, reading, meeting and conferences, writing stories and discussing politics. I've always wanted to become a lawyer since I was little I wanted a violence free world and I thought that if I was a lawyer I could make that dream come true. I know now that one person cannot change the world alone. But I can help. I want to be a child advocacy attorney because children have voices too. We as children are always overlooked. But I want to change that. I am a an independent, educated , African American young woman. I will grow up to be a child advocacy attorney and I will change the world. My impact may not be as big as Martin Luther King Jr.'s or Malcom X's but I will make an impact and my impact will stay forever.


arroyo high school

I am athletic and helpful to my peers, have confidence in myself and very independent. I am observant and once you get to know me I am very talkative and outgoing. I am very loving and if you hurt me or the ones I love sometimes I won't forgive you. I can lead a group mostly during hard times and I can give encouraging talks to help uplift my peers and inspire them to do better. I find myself doing this a lot during soccer in a time where we are losing or not performing well. I want to help people with their problems mostly when working in the same group to reach a goal. I love to play team sports and be challenged a lot because I like to push myself to do more than what I think I can do. My interests are playing sports, meeting new friends and attending sporting events. I love being with my loved ones and spending time with my friends because they make me happy. I want to become a pro soccer player when I grow up and that could help inspire little girls that they can do whatever they put their mind to and I want to try and be that person for them.