Changemaker Wall

A Changemaker is someone who wants to make change in the world. A Changemaker Statement describes who you are: your strengths, interests, goals, and selected Environmental Challenges. Visit Know Yourself, to write and publish your Changemaker Statement.

that boy

Engineering and science

my changemaker statement is to tell everyone to actually do something. every environmental problem and every issue in the world has already been listed and people have already found solutions. so instead of just discussing what solutions to take why don't we go out and actually do something. there are people in the world who are actually working to save the environment and i admire that but these days the whole discussion about trying to save the planet and healthier living is just for show. they just use that to sell their products because they know what we want to see. so my statement is to go out into the world find a problem and instead of having a debate team debate it. have the debate team go out and fix it.


George Washington Carver Highschool of Engineering and Science

I think of the world as a friendly, yet dangerous place. Depending on your effort and your set of skills and interests changes that person's future. A person's future depends on how that person responds to certain things and how it effects them. I like to think of myself as more of a strategic person. I'm not a risk taker. I just think that everyone should analyze before they tale a huge risk or leap. I'm also prefer to work independently. A goal that is achievable alone just makes more sense to do alone. If i were trying to go for a goal that helps the world become a better place, i think that i would try for editing the way we use electricity. Humans tend to use electricity like it's water. I think that the way we use power could definitely be better. My goal would be to improve the use of power so that we could reduce the strain of it that it causes the earth.


Carver School of Engineering and Science

The main problems that the people of the Earth go through are world hunger and different medical issues. The Earth itself goes through climate change and pollution. I want to change all of that by using my biggest interest, video games, to help me. I want to be a gaming YouTuber with a message: keep the world and its inhabitants happy. When I get a little more well known, I will do donation live streams multiple times a year, all going towards different types of things: various medical treatments, world hunger, pollution prevention, and climate change prevention. Remember this: the Earth is our home, given to us by God, and we need to take care of it because it is ours.


Venture Academy

I am an educator. I was/am a strong student who enjoyed school so much that I wanted to be in a high school or college classroom for the rest of my professional career. I am passionate about lifelong learning and transferring that love of learning to the future generations. I aim to instill an academic discipline and love for history in order to make connections to the future of our world and societies.

Nhung Pham

Mission High School

I am self-confident, and adventurous. I enjoy most on culture, and health activities; exercise, eating healthy, and helping people with their depression. I also like to cook some kind of foods from different countries, listening to music, and meditating at a quiet place. My hobbies are traveling, and photography. I want to apply to be a nurse related to the food, the style that they're doing in daily life. Give them some of the good advices what they have to do to save the environment for having a better healthy life.


George Washington Carver H.S Engineering and Science

I am a leader, great at expressing things and responsible. I enjoy mostly organizing things that require being a leader. Therefore, I want to use these hobbies to help better the world by holding environmental meets. Also, to persuade other to help the environment more often.



I am self-confident, outgoing, ambitious. I have high hopes for myself and the people I care about. I think everyone can do greatness in there own way. I have a positive and competitive spirit in things like playing card games that require skill and participate in sports. I believe everything should be at peace including the earth. Earth is a dying planet because of us humans. I know that everyone is not going to wake up one morning and everything is going to be perfect. I think it the little things that count like choosing a bike over a car or a farmer's market over a supermarket. Other things I want to do is become a computer engineer. This field has always interested me.


Chino Hills Highschool

My ambition in life is to become a neurosurgeon\neurologist because the field of medicine captivates me and I have a zeal to do this arduous career. I would love to create new surgical techniques and analyzing ways to eliminate diseases such as brain tumors, strokes, and cancer. I am determined to find ways to alter the field of medicine and how it functions. I see myself as a confident, analytical, observant and very ambitious.

Chris R.


I want to make a difference. I want to stop an environmental problem that has been happening. The water has been polluted for years and I want to change that. The future should be healthy and not contaminated with disease. I will be an engineer and fix that problem because I am passionate about building things. I have many ideas and want to improve the world with them. I am innovative, a quick learner, and imaginative and I like to do science.


Mission High School

I am friendly, patient, helpful and observant. I like to do volunteer work and serve others. I am a nature lover. In the modern world, people damage the environment in order to develop the economy. There are so many buildings in the city, but very few greens. Lots of harmful gases are released into the air. I realize that it is not good for us, so I want to study the sustainable environment design. My goal are changing the bad environment of the city, reducing pollution and waste, achieving the goal of sustainable development. I hope I can use my knowledge to change the world, which is make it become a better place.


Soar For Youth

I would like to be climate change analyst when I grow up because I can help to see how different countries have different climates, the dangers, and where the safest climates are. I also can analyze when these dangers occur and what people can do to stay safe. I enjoy helping others, analyzing things, and discussing things. This career will help me to do this and enjoy myself. These are reasons why I want to do this.


achieve chater school of paradise

I have always enjoyed computer and hope to learn more about them. They are used in our everyday lives such a phones, cars and much more. They are always being improved to help other people. With the further development of technology we will be able to uncover more possibilities such as flying to the mars or to other planets. I use computers almost every day and I want to be able to be apart of it.


Chino Hills High School

I am creative, friendly and introverted. I enjoy artistic hobbies such as drawing/sketching, reading/writing stories or playing the harmonica. I also like to do things that involve computers such as indie games or listening to music. I want to pursue a career that will let me apply my artistic abilities, such as animating for a big company or make my own company, or letting me pursue a career in mental health, such as an art therapist.

Daniel's career

Achieve Charter School of Paradise

I want to help the environment and keep it clean. I want to study and explore the world and what the dirtiest areas of the world are so I can help that. I want to study endangered animals and hunt and fish and study space and play musical instruments. I want to be an engineer, a musician, someone who study's space and the earth, study life, stop pollution, or be a hunter.



I am observant, persistent, confident, logical, and scholarly. I can think outside the box. I want to be flexible because I don't ever wanna feel like there's something I can't do. My main hobby is playing team sports. My selected environmental changes are food, green construction, green production, and community. My goals are to try and lessen the amount of pollution and waste that we use because if we don't change we are soon to go instinct.


George Washington Carver of Engineering and Science

I am creative, kind, outgoing, and helpful. I enjoy doing many things such as dancing, singing, writing stories, travelling, caring for children, and making new friends. I have always felt a connection towards people and I feel happy when I know that I have helped them in someway. Helping people is just one thing that majorly contributes to my future career. My goal is to become a pediatrician that does not only attend to children when they are sick, but is also a friend to them. Children are the future of our world and I feel that pediatricians have a duty to not only make sure that children are healthy and well, but to also make sure that they are enjoying life and being kids. Many natural disasters around the world take a toll on people's environment as well as their health and lives and I know, even as a freshman in high school, there is work to be done to help those around us. I want to apply my love for helping others and children to make the environment a safer, healthier, and happier place.

Come to SawCon

George Washington Carver Engineering and Science high school.

The world that we live on is currently in danger, with pollution everywhere. I want to use my skills to help reduce waste and pollution. I am currently interested in computers, and some hobbies I enjoy doing is hanging out with my friends, going to sporting events, and helping out in my community. My goal is to reduce waste on the earth. I want to find a career that helps reduce waste.

Changemaker Wall


I am helpful, smart, and inquisitive. My favorite things to do are playing basketball and cooking. I want to have the opportunity to help kids out while at the same time teach them lessons that will lead them to successful lives. My greatest goal is that eventually I will run a school and provide great accessible education for any kid who shows they want and deserve it. I believe that the key to changing the environment begins with the children and the education they receive. Without a good education as we grow up we grow ignorant of what is going on in the environment. for that reason, I would like to own a school of my own and have the ability to make sure that students are aware of the Environmental and Economical issues that occur in our world.

A Simple Zwe


Humans have been on this planet for almost 200,000 years and we have done some terrible things to the planet and I want to change that for the benefit of both the planet and us. When I grow up I want my career to be based on engineering. This will allow me to help the earth and everyone else. I would like to help the earth along with people due to my intrestest with working in a social enviroment. With my knowledge of understanding scientific theory and doing reserach I hope to change the world with people.


GW Carver HSES

I am scientific, observant, broad-minded and can think abstractly to explore a variety of ideas. In my free time I enjoy computer programming, building models, sketching, and p[laying computer games. I want to apply my interests and knowledge to becoming a programmer or robotics engineer. I could use my talents in the field to safe guard computers from viruses and cyber terrorists or to make more natural prosthetic for retired veterans.