Changemaker Wall

A Changemaker is someone who wants to make change in the world. A Changemaker Statement describes who you are: your strengths, interests, goals, and selected Environmental Challenges. Visit Know Yourself, to write and publish your Changemaker Statement.


Einstien middle school

I am Kyle Morgan and I want to be a therapist that cures depression and suicidal thoughts or actions. knowing what it is like having this problem I will learn from my mistakes by helping others. This is a big problem especially with teens and I will fix it to my best ability. I know what it is like to deal with this sort of thing. No one deserves to deal with this alone. I will help them through it.

Sports Trainer


My name is Cylas Clark. I am Athletic and will continue to play my favorite sport football all the way through college and play in the NFL. I can be physical and do physical things. I like to play sports its is my favorite thing to do, and also like to be healthy as I continue into being athletic. My hobbies are sports, building, and leading groups/having power over things. Im going to make lots of of money and help homless people. I will provide homeless a home and provided food, clothing, and education.

Animal Nerd

Albert Einstein Middle School

I am an animal lover. I can do anything I put my mind to. I like to watch and read anything that includes the animals. My hobbies might be an habitat preservative person, animal breeder for all the species that may go extinct, a veterinarian for big, small, wild and tame animals and an animal trainer. My plan is that after I become a true veterinarian, open up my own business, and get everything running smoothly, I will make a little program that will be open to any people who want to breed their pets, or breed endangered animals. This program will be funded by whatever tips/donations/ or my own money. Other organizations and people will be welcome to help.


albert einsien middle school

I am persuasive, confident, talkative, creative, imaginative. I can be creative, controlling, energetic. I like designing, reading, photography, playing sports. My hobbies might be playing sports, modeling and designing, drawing.


Mark Keppel High School

With my skills and hobbies, I can bring change to the world through working with organizations to create environmental awareness.

Mr. O

oak grove high school

I am understanding, friendly, helpful, cooperative, responsible, observant, and independent. What I find interest in doing is leading a group discussion and cooperating with others. I also enjoy helping people with problems, and doing volunteer work. My other interests are volunteering with social action groups, helping others with personal concerns, and meeting new friends.

Isaiah's Changemaker Statement.

Upward Bound Math and Science

I am polite, conforming, obedient, adventurous, curious and broad-minded. I can use a computer, think abstractly, persuade others, mediate disputes and fix electrical things. I like using my hands, serving others, doing research, working on electronic equipment, collecting things and tinkering with machines. My hobbies are playing computer games, building models, meeting new friends, and computers.


Independence High School

Global energy demands are increasing rapidly as the world populations continues to grow. We would thus need to look into clean energy sources as solutions for environmental protection, and to satisfy the needs of the people. Personally, as an advocate for renewable and nuclear energy, I believe that persuading the public to be more comfortable with nuclear energy would be extremely important. The Cold War, together with nuclear power plant incidents such as Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, has tarnished nuclear energy's reputation. However, to abandon such a powerful technology, such as nuclear energy, would be a waste. Instead of being fearful of nuclear, we should strive to improve its outdated technology, and teach the public about the positive aspects of nuclear power, and its immense potential. Being an active leader in science competitions, I have always found joy and excitement in tackling global issues. Researching on some of the most prevalent issues that contribute to climate change is something that I look forward to work towards, and I hope to continue fighting to protect Earth's grand yet vulnerable environmental.


James Logan High School

I am mechanically inclined, numerically inclined, and curious. My passions for building models, reconstructing broken items, and discovering new ideas has led me to be interested in a career that involves math and engineering. I enjoy being presented with new challenges everyday and am a problem solver. I am determined to bridge the gap between girls/women and the STEM fields. My hobbies include volunteering with social action groups, teaching young kids about engineering, and traveling to gain inspiration for new ideas.


Skyline HIgh School

I am creative, outgoing, and generous. I can organize activities, act, and sell things/promote ideas. I like to attend concerts, take photographs, and express myself creatively. Some of my hobbies include photography, volunteering at different places, and being creative with music and my writings.


milby high school

I am imaginative, well-organized, social, thrifty, obedient. I can, act, dance, use a computer, give talks and speeches. I like to express myself creatively, take photographs, follow clearly-defined procedures and meet important people. My hobbies are photography, performing, traveling, playing a musical instrument, and dance.

A n e t t e

Milby high school

I am creative, emotional, innovate, independent, agreeable, adventurous, energetic, self-confident and thrifty. I can initiate projects, promote ideas, organize activities, persuade others, act, dance, and lead a group. I like taking photographs, videos, express myself creatively, and can start my own business. My hobbies are photography, dancing, and preforming.


Oak Grove

I am an emotional, friendly, inquisitive, introspective, and understanding person. I am able to decently sketch, draw, play a musical instrument, come up with stories that are particularly fictitious, and cooperate well with others. I enjoy writing stories, playing the piano and drums, joining campus or community groups, and especially helping others with personal concerns. I am currently seeking part time employment in the business and education industry to improve my social, problem solving, critical thinking, and academic skills.



I want to change the world by helping others and saving lives. I want to be a cop I think cops help the environment in many ways, and I want to help too, so that is how I am going to become a Changemaker.



I am a very adventurous, outgoing, understanding, and helpful person, I can perform on stage, put together a business, run the business, but I'd also like to be famous. I love to dance, sing, and inspire others. My hobbies are singing, riding, photography, baking, cooking, hanging with friends, travel, hiking, swimming, playing sports and helping others.

Bev H.

Rancho Verde High School

I am confident that the warmth of my personality coupled with my strong desire to help people is very much needed in the field of counseling where people are depending on trust, empathy, and resolution. I look forward to being in a position where I can teach and guide in an effort and hope of making a positive impact on the health of individuals and families in a time when mental health is one of our greatest challenges. I see myself also growing as I make contributions to the personal growth of others.


Evergreen Middle

To change the world, they say you have to be smart, confined, and conventional. I disagree. I'm self confident and unconventional. I'll read fiction and go to a concert and change the world my way. I'm independent and I don't worry about the standards and restrictions.

Sunshine G.

Evergreen Middle School

We, as in every person in our world, are facing a problem. The problem is Human Health. There is a major outbreak in illness and new illnesses are found every year. I will dedicate my life to saving lives by becoming a surgeon. When I look in the mirror, I see someone who is smart, observant, precise, and insightful. I think these qualities can help me change the World.


San Lorenzo Valley High School

I am strong, independent, and decisive. I can be a confident leader as well as an invested follower. I like helping kids and encouraging others around me. My hobbies include playing music, staying in shape, and acting in theatre.


Evergreen Middle

I am inquisitive, analytical, and observant. I enjoy performing lab experiments, being challenged, and helping people with medical problems. I also like astronomy and computers. I would like to apply my abilities to helping people with medical problems. I can do this by working towards a career that creates opportunities to use medical knowledge to help people.